Skin Revolt

I wrote recently about my spring beauty buys, and I’m happy to report that Peach and Lily got in touch and provided excellent customer service with my order. I was able to get the products I needed and everything worked out perfectly. I’ll definitely continue to order from them in the future.

And after reading about the ease of tinted sunscreen, I decided to try Clarins UV Plus HP SPF 40 Day Screen Tint, along with the Instant Concealer. Both came highly recommended on multiple sites, and I had high hopes that the sunscreen might replace a few of my products for the warmer months. Unfortunately, the tinted sunscreen caused an allergic reaction on my face and I had to stop using it after just a couple of tries. I took a break for a few days to let my skin recover, only to have the reaction return the next time I used it, so I’m certain it’s this product that caused itching and redness in my cheeks. From everything I’ve read, the sunscreen is very gentle, and I think it’s just something with my particular skin, which is probably more sensitive from regular Retin-A use. I’m disappointed that it didn’t work for me, but it’s just one of those things.

The Instant Concealer is very gentle and easy-to-use, and I’ve found it especially useful for brightening my under-eye area. The consistency is light and quite liquid, almost like a foundation, but I can easily apply it with a small brush and then blend it into my skin with a sponge. It has great staying power, too, which is important in the summer heat.

This was my first experience with Clarins products, and I’m sad about the sunscreen issue, but I think I’ve found a winner with the concealer. What products are you trying for the warmer months?

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