Skin Relief

Last month, I had an allergic reaction to a tinted sunscreen, and it left my face red and irritated for a while. I stopped using all of my regular products, aside from my cleanser and moisturizer, but the redness continued, especially at night. I finally realized that the CeraVe cleanser I was using before bed was too astringent for me, and it was drying out my skin as it healed.

A regimen of gentle Cetaphil cleanser and lots of moisturizing (Garnier’s Moisture Rescue works great for me) has helped my skin return to normal, but I’ve been looking for a few more natural options lately. S.W. Basics is a really popular line of natural skincare these days, and on a whim, I ordered the Bestsellers Kit around the time of my reaction. I didn’t use the products at first, but as my skin began to recover, I tried them.

I really believe that everyone has different skin, and you have to find the right products that work best for you. Since I have oily skin, I was nervous to try products made of natural oils, but I also know that many people swear by them. S.W. Basics’ Toner is, hands down, my favorite product in the pack, and it really soothes my skin gently after I cleanse it. The cleanser contains rosewater as its main ingredient, which seemed to increase my redness, so I’ve been using that to wash my hands, instead. I also really like the makeup remover, which contains almond oil, and I add a drop or two to my Cetaphil at night.

Inspired by the makeup remover, I purchased a bottle of Weleda’s Almond Facial Oil, which is less oily than olive oil and perfect for oily skin. I use a drop or two before bed, even applying some under my eyes, and my skin is moisturized without becoming greasy. In the morning, I add a drop to my Garnier moisturizer.

So far, things are going well and my face feels healthy and smooth. The reaction I had left me with a sunburn-type rash that felt tight and itchy when I applied the wrong products. It’s been almost a month, and things finally feel back to normal. My plan is to stick with the toner and almond oil routine, unless I develop any serious breakouts. In that case, I’ll just remove the almond oil and see if that helps.

I loved trying Korean beauty products, but my experimentation left me with dry, reactive skin, and I don’t think I’m the best candidate for those fancy toners and serums, unfortunately. My skin seems to prefer fewer products, so I’m trying to listen to it, which still takes quite a bit of trial and error.

Have you tried oil cleansing? What are your favorite skincare products?

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