Fairest Grace

Walking with Cake: Fairest Grace Logo blog

(My store‘s logo, designed by Kory Woodard.)

Back in February, I announced my plans to open an online store featuring fair trade clothing and accessories, and I’ve given you a few peeks here and here. Things are moving along, and the plan is still to open by June 1st. I worked with Kory Woodard to design my logo, and since that part of the process is complete, I feel like it’s time to share the name with you, too.

I’ve always loved the myths and imagery behind the Three Graces, probably because I have two sisters, and I wanted to incorporate that aspect into the name. My goal is to find well-made, ethical pieces from designers I know and support, in an effort to introduce them to you. The lines I’ve chosen to carry initially are designed by women and, for the most part, are also produced and sewn by women, too. I like the idea of grace as simple elegance, something women possess naturally, and so the name took shape and grew from that first idea I had over the holidays, when I decided I’d try my hand at this venture.

Currently, I’m waiting on the last of my orders and working to photograph everything for the site. I haven’t yet linked the store to my domain, so you won’t find anything exciting there yet. But things will be up and running soon, and I can’t wait to share them with you. Thank you for your kind words and support as I start this new venture.

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