Update 2: A New Leaf

Walking with Cake: Passion Lilie Prints

(Passion Lilie pieces with beautiful prints.)

It’s been about a month since my last update on my soon-to-be-open store, and things are progressing well. My first wholesale clothing bundle arrived last week, and it was incredibly exciting to see the pieces I ordered from Passion Lilie’s spring collection. I’m starting slowly with a few items from some of my favorite ethical stores, and my goal is to increase the offerings as things go along.

My logo design is finished and I’m completely thrilled with it. I still need to have a few things printed and ordered, and then I can show it to you. Two more orders are on their way, and then I’ll start photographing the pieces and uploading everything to my Storenvy site, which will then be linked to my store’s official domain. It’s all somewhat tedious, but necessary, and I enjoy the behind-the-scenes stuff.

This little store is a labor of love, just like my blog, and I hope it might be a resource for those new to the idea of fair trade.

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