This and That

Walking with Cake: Mountain Laurel

(Our mountain laurel is blooming and it smells so good.)

Ryan traveled for work this week, so things were a bit more hectic at our house. But he’s back now and we’re returning to our regular routine. I’m looking forward to sleeping in this weekend and catching up on books and television shows (“Call the Midwife” starts this Sunday). Here are a few things that caught my attention this week.

A local man is honored for integrating his high school in 1964.

A mother grieves as her daughter becomes a nun.

NPR reporter Frank Langfitt, stationed in China, drove two young men back to their villages for their weddings.

An Eichler house in the 21st century.

A gorgeous, 600-square-foot home with plenty of room for three.

An actual “Mad Men” bench in New York City, just in time for the final episodes.

An interview with Kiernan Shipka and Matthew Weiner. (She was just six when she began her role as Sally Draper.)

39 signs you’re in the Kinfolk cult.

And I know nothing about One Direction, but this local teacher blames Zayn Malik for distracting her students before standardized tests. It’s pretty funny.

Have a great weekend!

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