A Study in Contrasts

Walking with Cake: Contrast

(Lots of contrast going on here.)

This is one of the outfit posts that I almost didn’t share.  I wore this outfit last weekend to run errands and eat lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant.  It’s a remix of this outfit, and I wanted something more casual and less dressy, so I added the chambray shirt.  I know denim shirts are always classic, but they will forever feel like a throwback for me, since I wore them a lot in the 90s, usually paired with a long, floral skirt and chunky sandals.  In a way, I’m definitely channeling an earlier time, I think.

So there’s the contrast of the denim with the brocade pants, the juxtaposition of the bricks against the bushes, and then there’s my hair.  I’m in the early stages of growing out my grey hair, and it’s obviously beginning to show.  I’m going out on a limb when I say it’s more noticeable in pictures than in real life (at least to me), and I’ll admit that I still cringe a little when I see those greys poking through.  But I’m stubborn, and I’m doing this, so here we go.

Saturday, when I wore this outfit, I felt pretty and put-together in a casual way.  And then I looked at these pictures and felt really dowdy.  I guess that happens sometimes, and not every outfit is a major win, which is okay.  I think, as my hair continues to lighten, I’ll need to choose darker colors, maybe jewel tones, to add contrast and interest, and I’m finding myself drawn to more modern, structural pieces these days. I think that chambray shirt is a little too “suburban mom” for my taste.

Lesson learned.

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