Moisture Control

I’ve been practicing more product photos, and even though I said I’d learn to use my camera in 2013, we all know I lied. Sorry about that. But this year, I’m actually kind of interested in using different settings and I’m teaching myself a few editing techniques in GIMP, too.  I played around with some products over the weekend, and photographed the facial items I use each morning and night.

Since I have oily, acne-prone skin, I follow a regimen prescribed by my dermatologist that seems to be working well.  I use boring old cleansers that keep my skin free of bacteria, and then apply a topical antibiotic in the morning and a retinoid at night. Those aren’t really fun to talk about, so I didn’t photograph them.  But I thought my moisturizing products might be helpful to share, in case they can work for you, too.

Walking with Cake: Morning products

(My morning routine.)

In the morning, I wash my face with Acnefree Oil Free Acne Cleanser, which is a benzoyl peroxide cleanser.  Since it can bleach fabric and even hair, I use it in the shower, then do a quick wash with Cetaphil to rinse away any residue.  I apply a bit of the antibiotic, then use a bit of oil-free moisturizer. Right now, I’m trying a sample of Cetaphil Oil Control Moisturizer that my dermatologist recommended.  It’s supposed to reduce oil, but it does feel heavier than my normal moisturizer. I haven’t really noticed a decrease in oil yet, but I’m trying it for a few more days.  I also add a bit of eye cream and some makeup primer, both by Arbonne, which our babysitter sells. It’s possible that I’m cancelling out the oil control with this new moisturizer and the primer, so I need to play around with the process and see if any changes take place.  I wait a few minutes after I apply the primer, and then I’m ready to do my makeup for the day.

Walking with Cake: Nighttime products

(Nighttime moisture products.)

At night, I remove my eye makeup with Almay Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover Pads and then wash my face with my favorite Solvére cleanser.  Then, I apply my retinoid cream, a touch of Philosophy’s Miracle Worker under each eye, and a small dab of Korres’ Sleeping Facial to any dry areas. I really don’t need moisturizer at night, but I always use eye cream in case it might actually work.  This product seems to help with circles and bags under my eyes, and it was a big splurge. But a little goes a long way, and I’m really impressed with the results. I’ve never actually been impressed with an eye cream before, and since it contains a retinoid, I only use it at night.  My mom gave me the facial for Christmas, and I love its luxurious smell. I only use it sparingly, and it will be too heavy once warmer weather arrives. Still, it’s fun for now.

This routine is working for me now, and I’ll tweak it as I experiment with the morning moisturizer and deal with the changing weather.

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