Brocade and Black

Walking with Cake: Brocade & Black

(Mixing up my uniform with brocade pants.)

I live in jeans during the fall and winter, but sometimes it’s nice to mix things up a little.  I’ve had my eye on these Brocade Charlie Trousers in Green for months, but I wasn’t certain I could pull off the look.  I’ve shied away from colored and printed jeans in the past in favor of darker washes.  But I fell in love with these trousers, and when they went on sale, I decided to try them.

I was truly surprised at both their fit and how slimming they are, and since they are mostly cotton, I can wear the pants through the spring.  The pattern is classic, but also sort of 1960s-inspired, and the brocade reminds me of wallpaper.  It’s a fun look and I’m so thrilled that I took a risk and moved outside my comfort zone a little bit.

Walking with Cake: Brocade Charlie Trousers by Cartonnier

(Cartonnier’s Green Brocade Charlie Trousers.)

To balance the busyness of the trousers, I paired them with a basic black tee and my new Arced Crest Cardigan by Bailey 44, a brand I featured in my first Anthro: USA post.  The cardigan is soft and flattering, and it nips in slightly at the waist.  I especially love the braiding at the sides, and it reminds me a little of something Catelyn Stark might wear.  I’ve had a trusty black cardigan for several years that is beginning to wear out, and this sweater, made in the United States, is the perfect replacement.

Walking with Cake: Arced Crest Cardigan by Bailey 44

(Bailey 44’s Arced Crest Cardigan.)

And, just for fun, here’s a picture of me cracking up during this photo shoot.  Ryan was encouraging me to open my eyes wider, and he did his best imitation of “doe eyes.”  I couldn’t contain my laughter.

Walking with Cake: Laughing Out Loud

(Cracking up.)

I look pretty silly in that picture, but I still really like those trousers!

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