6 for 4: The Conclusion

Walking with Cake: MindfulConsumption_6for4_guidelines

(Image created by Eden Hensley Silverstein.)

It’s June, which means my 6 for 4 Mindful Consumption Challenge has come to an end!  Overall, I think the challenge was a great success and I stuck to the rules and wore six pieces for four weeks.  It wasn’t particularly hard, since I work from home and don’t have any real wardrobe requirements besides function and comfort.  James graduated during the last week of the challenge, so I took the opportunity to wear something different for the evening.  And the night after his graduation, we went out to dinner to celebrate, and I also wore pieces that were not part of the challenge.

By the end of last week, I definitely felt bored by my lack of clothing choices, but by then, I was also used to wearing the same things over and over again.  That uniform served me well during the first two weeks of the month when Ryan was traveling for work and I had very little time to get dressed each morning.

And like I told you last week, I broke the rule about clothes shopping in May and did eventually get a few things I’ve been planning to buy.  It didn’t really feel like cheating, since the pieces were thrifted or ethically made and part of my summer wish list.  Still, the idea of going an entire month without shopping is a great one and I should probably hold myself more accountable in that area.

After participating in this challenge, I definitely know that I can make do with less. A lot less.  And I also gave my overall style a lot of thought, too.  For the challenge, I picked six solid-colored pieces, and now that the challenge is over, I’m still wearing those same styles a lot.  As I’m letting my hair return to its natural color, which includes a lot of grey now, I don’t feel as comfortable in some of the “younger” styles I wore in the past, like floral dresses and frilly tops. I cleaned out my closet of the things that no longer suit me, and I’m sharing or donating them.  I still have plenty of items in my closet that work well and I’ll add to them here and there as needed.

The 6 for 4 challenge was really eye-opening and inspiring, too, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about sustainable fashion.  I’m really glad I decided to participate, and I hope you enjoyed reading the updates each week. Be sure to follow Eden’s experiences at her blog, too.

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