6 for 4: My Six Pieces

The 6 for 4 Mindful Consumption Challenge technically began yesterday, and today I’m showing you the six pieces I selected to wear this month.  Choosing some of them was harder than I expected, mostly because I waffled back and forth between wearing all skirts and dresses as the weather warms up.  In the end, I decided on a black skirt, a grey dress, capri jeans, and three tees from Everlane (my daily uniform these days).

Walking with Cake: 6-for-4 bottoms

(My skirt, jeans, and dress for the challenge.)

My pictures are a bit overexposed, but I’m including a basic black skirt from Fair Indigo, since I wear it often and it’s very comfortable and easy.  I also chose a pair of thrifted jeans from ThredUp, which I’ll mostly wear to parks and open gym at our gymnastics center.  I wasn’t sure if I really needed a pair of pants, but they are the best choice when playing with the boys, so I decided to add them to the pieces.  And then I chose a new dress I’ve only had for a week or so, also from Fair Indigo.  I’ve worn the dress a few times and it is very comfortable, but can be dressed up, too.  With the right accessories, it will be really versatile this month.

Walking with Cake: 6-for-4 tops

(My three tops for the challenge.)

The tops were an easy decision, since I wear these tees in rotation all week long. The colors look muted here, but are darker in real life and the middle top is actually closer to black.  All three work great with my black skirt or the jeans, so I can easily mix them up.  It’s definitely a uniform, and a simple one at that, but May is a pretty quiet month for me, and my days mostly consist of driving the boys back and forth from school or their other activities.

The only major event I have scheduled this month is James’ school graduation at the very end, and since it’s a special occasion, I may decide to wear something else from my closet, just for the evening.  Eden selected her choices last week and actually mentioned excluding weddings or formal affairs from the challenge. My event isn’t quite so dressy, but it is a big deal and everyone will be dressed up, so I want to dress appropriately, too.

You can read more about the challenge at Eden’s blog, and I really hope you’ll consider participating along with us!  It should be fun and insightful, too.  I’ll be sure to share my thoughts each week during May, so stay tuned!

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