This and That

Walking with Cake: Bring me flowers

(Ryan took this photo as Rhys surprised me with flowers.)

This week was busy, as always, and I crossed a few big things off my list, including registering James for kindergarten next year (gasp!).  The weather was beautiful and we got a short respite from the heat.  Tonight is brew night and we’re planning a few fun things this weekend, too.  Here are the things that caught my eye this week.

“The Cost of Spending Less,” a wonderful article by my blog friend Leah from Style Wise.

A new site co-founded by Olivia Wilde that offers responsible shopping options. It’s in beta form and a little rough around the edges, but still worth noticing.

“Prairie Porn,” if you will.  I actually bought a copy this week!

Rarely seen images from Guy Bourdin.

Fairy tale-like photos.

“The Top 10 Artworks of the 20th Century.” According to this guy, at least.

And gorgeous photos of the cast of “Orange is the New Black.”

This weekend I’m putting together my six pieces for the upcoming clothing challenge, and I’ll share them with you on Monday.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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