6 for 4: Week 4

Walking with Cake: Dresses in closet

(I miss my colorful dresses.)

This is the final week in May’s 6 for 4 Mindful Consumption Challenge, and I can’t say I’m not thrilled about it ending.  While it was easy to accomplish, I’ve definitely found myself feeling bored with my closing choices recently.  I miss color and pattern, as well as dressing up a little more, too.  And, as comfy as they are, I’ve had my fill of v-neck tees for a while.

James graduates from preschool tomorrow night, and I’m using the occasion to take a break from my six piece uniform and wear something really dressy and feminine.  And then I’ll finish the challenge next Saturday and never look back!

Honestly, though, the experience has been great, and I’ve really learned to curtail my impulse buys and work with less.  I thought about trying to extend the challenge by not buying any clothing all summer, but I know that would prove too daunting.  I actually broke the no shopping in May rule over the weekend, but I found something wonderful on eBay, and I’ll show you as soon as it arrives.  I’m definitely making more informed, planned clothing purchases now, and this piece is something I’ve had my eye on for over a year and I know I’ll wear it all the time.  Other than that, I may buy a top or two to wear this summer, but I’m really set.  I have a closet full of beautiful, ethical dresses, and I’m excited to wear them again.

Be sure to follow Eden’s experiences with this experiment, and check back next Monday for my final thoughts on the challenge.

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