Late Spring Blooms

Back in March, I showed you my new work table for my outdoor plants.  We had a really long, cold winter (for Texas, at least), so things were slow to bloom this spring.  But then the clouds rolled in and we’ve had what seems like weeks of rain.  It rained a lot over the Memorial Day weekend, too, and things are looking really great right now.  I’m sure by July everything will be crispy and brown, but for now, I’m so grateful for the rain and the green that comes with it.

Walking with Cake: Outdoor flowers

(My plants on the work table.)

My plant table is filled with blooms, though I’m pretty certain a few are weeds growing from all the rain and plant food I’ve been giving them.  Still, they look pretty and I love seeing this view from my back door.  Some of my indoor succulents weren’t getting enough light inside, so I moved them outside and I’m hoping to coax them back to health before it gets too hot.

Walking with Cake: Flowers on table

(My outdoor plants in full bloom.)

I love seeing everything in full bloom and it’s so relaxing to work outside with my plants.  I have several rain buckets full of water, and I’m using it to water my plants when they need it. That’s not very often with all the rain we’ve had this spring.

Walking with Cake: Flower pots

(More flower pots.)

I still have quite a few random plants in pots, including snapdragons, geraniums, and a few avocado pits that I planted as an experiment. We’ll see if they actually grow.

Walking with Cake: Green yard

(Our yard is really green right now.)

I love this view of our yard, and while it won’t last through the summer, it’s a great reminder of this beautiful, mild spring weather we’ve had so far.

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