My Work Table (Part II)

Yesterday I showed you my new work table, and now that the paint has dried and I’ve moved it into place, I’m excited to show you the finished product!

Walking with Cake: My turquoise table

(My new turquoise table. I love the view from my back door!)

The boys played outside Wednesday morning while I moved the table (yay for wheels!), stored my supplies on the bottom shelf, and then arranged a few of my plants.  We had a really tough winter for central Texas, so I’m waiting to see if some of my native plants will return this year.  Everything is beginning to bloom, but with the cool weather, it’s still slow going.

Walking with Cake: Side of table

(All of my plant supplies fit nicely under the table.)

I painted the table with leftover paint from our patio posts, and then stained the top with a basic wood stain.  Ryan thinks we should add another layer of stain, but I was eager to use the table and it’s sealed nicely now.  We left it out in the yard to dry overnight, and when I checked the next morning, the dew beaded right on top of the wood.  He might apply another coat, but I’m fine with how it looks now.

Walking with Cake: Sideview

(The clouds rolled in as I took a few pictures.)

It started to mist while I was taking these pictures, and the entire day was cool and damp, with the threat of rain that never came.  We went to Lowe’s last night for a few things, and I picked up two more succulents and two pots of geraniums to add to my little garden.  I’m hoping things will continue to bloom as the weather warms up soon.

I’m so thrilled with my new table and I love the view from inside our house, onto the patio.  The turquoise shade is so much fun and really brightens things up in the gloomy spring weather.

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