My Work Table (Part I)

You know I’m a plant lover, and since we moved into our house almost nine years ago, I’ve wanted an outdoor work table.  I have a ton of plants in pots, both inside and out, and I’ve always knelt on the ground or hovered over a plant stand to pot and prune them.  But recently, Ryan decided to build an actual work table for me, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting its arrival.  This past weekend, he got to work and spent both days building it.

Walking with Cake: Building the work table

(Ryan sanding the newly built table.)

The table is really big and heavy, so Ryan added wheels, which will be wonderful to move it around our patio.  We’re planning to spruce up the porch area soon, so we didn’t want to build a table that couldn’t be moved for upcoming projects.  And my favorite part is that some of the wood actually comes from our house: the legs are old patio posts that were removed a few years ago, and Ryan repurposed them for the table.  I also asked him to include a bottom shelf for storing pots and supplies in easy reach, but out of the boys’ play area.

Walking with Cake: New table

(My new work table, unpainted and unstained.)

I spent Monday and Tuesday evening painting and staining the table while the boys played outside, and tomorrow I’ll show you the finished product.  Here’s a glimpse of it outside my back door, but it will look much better the next time you see it!

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