Thred Up and Krochet Kids

Walking with Cake: Thred Up Tags

(ThredUp tags.)

Recently, I learned about two great fashion sites and I want to share them with you.  Leah did a wonderful post on ThredUp, an up-and-coming online consignment store, and I ordered a few summer tops for the boys, as well as two pairs of jeans for me.  ThredUp has very strict policies, and the pieces I received were in excellent condition, including a shirt for James that was new with tags still attached.  I also ordered a bag to return my own donated clothes in, and I filled it up and sent it off last week. Hopefully, I can earn some credit and use it to purchase more items for the boys and a few for myself, too.  The items that don’t meet ThredUp’s criteria are donated, so nothing goes to waste, and it’s a wonderful way to recycle clothing that you’re no longer wearing.

Walking with Cake: Pocket Tee by Krocket Kids

(Krochet Kids’ Pocket Tee.)

I mentioned in another post that I’ve had trouble finding comfortable shoes lately, and one pair that I had to send back came from TOMS.  When I returned the shoes, I purchased a top from their Marketplace, which features clothing and accessories by fair trade companies.

My new tee is from Krochet Kids, and it’s a simple t-shirt with a hand-crocheted pocket that is really lovely.  There’s also a tag inside the top that was signed by the maker, and I was able to send her a note of thanks for her work.

Walking with Cake: Maker Tag Krochet Kids

(Carmen Huamantico made my top.)

I was really touched by this small detail, and I think it’s important to remember that real people make the clothing we choose to wear.  This tag reminds me of that fact, and Carmen is a mom, just like me, working to raise her family.  I definitely plan to support Krochet Kids in the future, and I hope you’ll check them out, too.

I also plan to update you after my ThredUp order is processed.  And be sure to check out Leah’s online shopping site, Platinum and Rust, which features lovely sustainable clothing.

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