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Walking with Cake: Nest in a Teacup Vignette

(Nest in a teacup vignette.)

This was a regular week, but I’ve been battling terrible allergies and an endless cough lately.  I think my abs are getting a workout from all the coughing, and I’m really looking forward to feeling more normal.  The weather is warming up this weekend, so that should help things.  Tonight is brew night and we’ve got a few small errands planned, but nothing big.  Relaxed weekends are my favorite.  Here are some things that caught my eye this week.

Allie sent me this powerful documentary about a single mom working to make ends meet.  It’s a really great film, and the Q&A after is also insightful. (The free viewing period has ended, but you can watch the film on HBO.)

And then I found this shorter documentary, which is equally as riveting, and follows a group of women in Austin as they undergo weight loss surgeries.  Here’s the Q&A for All of Me.  I love documentaries.

“Same Window, New Views.” A beautiful post about marriage.

A stunning apartment in Brooklyn.

On Johnny Cash’s new album.

A great rundown of the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case.

Because “more sex equals less crafting.”

An interesting conversation about stay-at-home parents.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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