Back to School Again

Walking with Cake: Birdhouse

(James’ birdhouse from his summer camp.)

This week and next my boys will go back to school, and this time of year always feels like the start of something new for me. I think that comes from my many years as a student, and then as a teacher. It’s not yet September and it’s still very hot, but the weather is changing ever so slightly and, if you stand still and close your eyes, you can feel fall beginning to creep in. It’s a short-lived season in central Texas, but it’s also a beautiful time of the year.

I feel wistful when school starts and the long summer break comes to an end. We’ve had a busy and relaxing summer, and I’m excited to see what things lie ahead for the boys and our family. I realized that this is my third back to school post on my blog, and you can read the others here and here. I guess I get pretty sentimental in late August each year.

This year, both boys will be in school five days a week, and I’ll have a little more time for myself each day. I’m planning to finally open my store and focus on some other projects I have in the works. It will be an adjustment period, which always happens at the start of the school year, but I’m excited and looking forward to it.

If you’re heading back to school, I wish you a wonderful time!

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