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Walking with Cake: Summer Mantel

(My summer mantel.)

This week was really busy with lots of appointments and back-to-school prep. We have a few last minute things to cross off our list this weekend, and then we can relax and enjoy the final days of summer. Yesterday, the sky turned dark and it rained for the first time in months, which was a welcome relief. I’m looking forward to the first signs of fall. In the meantime, here are a few things that caught my eye this week.

A gorgeous farmhouse in New York.

The rise of the rustic kitchen.

How pizza is helping to sustain small family farms.

Washington state is fined $100,000 a day until it can pay its teachers fairly.

One mom’s thoughts on her daughter’s European travels.

And fans of The Goonies have ruined its famous house.

Have a great weekend!

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