My Favorite Summer Beauty Products

Walking with Cake: My Three Favorite Summer Products

(Kjaer Weis Foundation, Simple Micellar Water, and Charlotte Tilbury’s “Eyes to Mesmerise” in Marie Antoinette.)

I’ve been writing a lot about skincare recently, and it’s mainly because I’ve revamped my own routine in recent months. After years of doing the exact same thing, it’s been both frustrating and fun experimenting with new products. I’ve finally found a regimen that works for me, and my skin is happy, too. After some trial and error, I’m now familiar with the ingredients that work for and against my skin, so I can feel confident when I try new things.

For summer, I prefer lighter, simpler makeup, and Kjaer Weis’ Foundation, which I first wrote about here, is perfect for the hot Texas weather. I’ve noticed less oil when wearing this under powder, and that’s a huge win for me. I’m hoping it will work well into colder weather, too. I really love this natural foundation as an alternative to mineral compacts, and I’m excited to try other products in the line eventually, too.

One huge change in my daily skincare routine was to remove hot water from the equation. For years, I steamed my face to help open my pores, and I think that caused more trouble than it was really worth. I started using Simple’s Micellar Water a few months ago, as both an eye makeup remover and a toner, and I’m thrilled with the results. After removing my eye makeup and washing my face with a gentle cleanser, I use a washable cotton round to gently go over my skin with the Micellar Water. It really helps to thoroughly clean and freshen my face, and it’s so gentle on my skin. Best of all, this Micellar Water is under $5 at Walgreens, so I usually buy two at a time.

And my new favorite beauty buy is from Charlotte Tilbury’s “Eyes to Mesmerise” line of cream eye shadows. I first saw the color Marie Antoinette reviewed in this makeup tutorial and knew that it would work well for me. I love metallic shadows for summer, and this product is perfect for hot weather. With an eye primer, the shadow will stay put all day long without creasing, and that is a must for me. All of the colors in the collection are beautiful, and I’m hoping to try Mona Lisa in the fall.

What are your favorite summer beauty products?

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