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Walking with Cake: Natural Beauty Products

(The natural beauty products I love these days.)

Last week, I wrote a bit about some of the natural beauty products I’m currently trying, and this week, I’m sharing a few more of my current favorites.

I’ve used Jane Iredale mineral products for years now, and I’m pretty loyal to the brand. Since I’ve always dealt with oily skin, the matte finish of powder foundation has been perfect for me. But as my skin needs are changing, I’m drawn to a lighter, dewier look. Kjaer Weis’ Cream Foundation has become a great alternative, and I love the lightness of the formula, which includes almond and jojoba oils. The foundation comes in a fancy compact that slides open, which I find a bit annoying despite rave reviews, but you can also buy just the refill without the compact. The product itself is buildable, so I apply it initially with a foundation brush and then retouch my face with a beauty blender. I’m thrilled with the result and it’s incredibly gentle on my skin. RMS Beauty’s UnCoverup, which I mentioned last week, works beautifully as a concealer with the Kjaer Weis foundation.

RMS also makes a finely-milled silica powder called “Un”Powder. If I use this by itself over my foundation, it is incredibly drying and literally sucks all of the moisture from my skin, which is not a pleasant feeling. But if I tap a little with my brush and then add my regular Jane Iredale setting powder, it works much better. I could probably get by without the “Un”Powder, to be completely honest, but it does help to control moisture and I don’t have to retouch as much throughout the day, which is nice.

I’ve always heard good things about Ilia’s lip products, so I decided to try their Tinted Lip Conditioner in Blossom Lady. It’s a sheer, light pink shade that is very comfortable on my lips and works well with all sorts of glosses. I’m the type to wear up to four products on my lips at once, and this lip conditioner is a great base for layering.

And finally, while I haven’t yet jumped on the natural deodorant bandwagon completely, I really love the smell of Fig + Yarrow’s Underarm Lotion. All of their products are natural and organic, which means they are safe to use all over your body, so I have no qualms about spreading this on my arms to extend the scent during the day. I do apply it under my arms after my shower each morning, but then I add my regular antiperspirant, so I can’t really tell you that it works like it should on its own. But the smell is lovely and lasts quite a while, so I can enjoy it for hours after my shower. I’ve tried a few other Fig + Yarrow products and have been very pleased with the entire line.

I’m hoping I’ve found a new beauty routine that works, but it’s always so much fun trying out new products. Have you tried any of these natural brands? I’d love to hear what you think!

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