Spring Bags

Since last fall, I’ve been lugging around my trusty Artifact Bag Co. tote, which is perfect for the rainy winter we’ve endured lately. It’s incredibly sturdy and heavy, but now that spring is just about here, I’ve had my eye on lighter pieces for warmer weather. Everlane’s Twill Totes have been out for a while and I’ve admired them on the site, but I was hesitant to try one, thinking it couldn’t compare with my Artifact tote, which is probably the best bag I’ve ever owned.

I decided to order Everlane’s tote in Acorn recently, and I was pleasantly surprised by its design.  I’m pretty hard on my bags and use them as a purse and catch-all for the boys’ items, too, so I need something that will hold up to the job. I chose the color Acorn for spring and summer, but also because the bag is twill and can get dirty easily. The light brown color will hopefully hide stains. The twill fabric makes the bag incredibly light, and it’s very comfortable on my shoulder, too. At the moment, the leather straps get twisted, but I think they will straighten out with regular use.

The one design aspect that slightly annoys me is the lack of a distinct base, so the bag doesn’t really open widely at the bottom or sit flat on the ground. All of my things sink to the bottom and I’ve arranged them to lie as flat as possible to create a “sort of” bottom. I’m spoiled by the larger size Artifact tote that is double ply and seven inches wide, but it’s a very small issue. At $40 for the Everlane tote, you really can’t go wrong, and I plan to use this bag through the spring and summer, along with my vintage Dooney & Bourke bag.

Artifact Bag Co. has some gorgeous new pieces out for spring, and if you’re looking for a sturdy, long-lasting, investment piece, I can highly recommend them. Everlane’s bags are an affordable alternative, and the Twill Tote is perfect for warmer months.

There are some gorgeous pastel bags out this season, too, and Leah recently rounded up some beautiful ethical versions. Be sure to visit her site and check them out.

Are you buying a new spring bag?

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