Artifact Bag Co.

I’ve been looking for a basic bag to use through the late fall and winter, and in my search for ethical brands, I ran across Artifact Bag Co., a line of waxed canvas and leather bags and aprons made in Nebraska.  I was especially impressed by owner Chris Hughes’ process, and he crafts each piece with great care, using simple machinery and his own two hands.  I decided to purchase the No. 115 Carry Tote in All Black, and it’s a lovely, utilitarian piece.

This video and this one from the Artifact Bag Co. blog really impressed me, and Chris graciously answered a few questions for me, too.  I love knowing where my products come from, and who made them, and it’s wonderful to correspond directly with the person who designed something I use every day when I’m out with my family.  When you watch the videos, you get a glimpse of how each bag is made, and also of each handmade piece’s significance in a day and age when most things are mass-produced.

Walking with Cake: Artifact Bag Co. detail

(A detail of the brass rivets and leather straps.)

Artifact Bag Co. began in Chris’ basement in 2010, and he now works full-time in an old building in downtown Omaha.  Each bag takes two or more hours to create, depending upon the amount of prep work already completed.  The canvas and leather straps can be cut ahead of time and the straps can be sewn, too.  Chris works 18-hour days, taking Sundays off, and uses a team of staff that varies with the season.  The bags are truly a labor of love, and it shows in the beauty of each piece.

Walking with Cake: Artifact Bag Co. label

(The Artifact Bag Co. label inside the bag.)

I’m so thrilled with my new bag, and it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind piece that I’m proud to carry and will use for years to come.  Be sure to visit Artifact Bag Co. and check out the lovely products for yourself.

(Many thanks to Chris Hughes for his help with this post.)

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