Late Summer Scarves

I’m not a wearer of scarves, but I admire the gorgeous fabrics I see draped across the necks of other women.  I have a few scarves in my drawer, and it seems like such a waste to keep them there, so I did a quick search recently and found an inspiring post on decorating with scarves.  Just because I don’t like things around my neck doesn’t mean I can’t put my scarves to good use, so I got creative and used them around my house to spruce things up once September arrived.

Walking with Cake: Late Summer Pillows

(Passion Lilie’s Peacock Teal Scarf doubles as a pretty pillow cover.)

I’ve had this gorgeous scarf from Passion Lilie for a few months, and when I switched out my pillow covers recently, I decided to wrap it around a rectangular pillow.  It works well and blends nicely with the other calm blue pillows on my couch.  I like seeing the pretty pattern and the pillow gets a lot of use (and abuse) from the boys.

Walking with Cake: Noonday's Himalayan Scarf

(This Noonday scarf is too pretty to leave in a drawer.)

Recently, my mom gave me Noonday’s Himalayan Scarf and I knew immediately that I wanted to display it somehow.  The scarf is quite large, more like a wrap, and the colors are so beautiful for fall.  I just draped it over my old chair and it adds a nice touch of color to a quiet part of my living room.

Walking with Cake: Blue Hues

(I love the shades of blue on my couches.)

And it’s taken me a while, but I think I’m finally falling in love with our “new” couch and loveseat that we bought back in December.  I had a bit of buyer’s remorse about the color and fabric choice, and while microfiber is not my favorite fabric at all, it is incredibly durable and easy to clean with children around. I tried styling the pieces so many different ways, and I’ve finally decided that they look best with pillows in shades of blue, along with the neutral rug and curtains.  My living room finally looks more like the image I’ve had in my mind for so long, and it’s a comfortable place where we spend the majority of our time.

Plus, the pretty scarves add a little whimsy and are easy to change with the seasons. I might start a scarf collection after all!

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