6 for 4: Week 2

I finished the first week of the 6 for 4 Mindful Consumption Challenge, and it’s been pretty easy so far!  Last Monday I showed you the pieces I selected, and I’ve been wearing the skirt and tees in heavy rotation, due to the heat and humidity.  We’re supposed to have some rain this week, which will bring cooler temperatures, and I know I’ll rely on my pair of jeans a little more.  Here are a few of the combinations I’ve been wearing lately.

Walking with Cake: Uniform dresses

(Two of my outfits for the May challenge.)

My black skirt from Fair Indigo is getting the most use by far, as are the Everlane tees.  They are a great wardrobe staple and are really comfortable, too.  I’ve had to get used to wearing skirts all day at home, because I normally prefer jeans or shorts when chasing after the boys and doing housework. I do sometimes change into workout pants for more strenuous (and dirty) jobs like cleaning the master bathroom, which my whole family uses.

But the skirt and tees are pure cotton, which is perfect for muggy spring days.  I also love the drawstring dress from Fair Indigo, though I’ve been saving it for slightly dressier occasions.  In the picture above, I wore it on a recent date night for dinner and a movie.  It was very comfortable and I’m shopping my closet for ways to dress it up a little, too.

Walking with Cake: Uniform pieces

(Other options for the 6 for 4 challenge.)

And here’s yet another tee paired with my black skirt. I discovered that when I wear a black tee with the skirt, it looks like a little black dress that can be dressed up or down. Here, I wore it out for a casual lunch over the weekend.  I’m also getting great use from my thrifted capri jeans, which I wore (with damp hair) to get tacos Sunday morning.

These last few weeks have been incredibly busy, and I’ve appreciated having a uniform to throw on each morning. It is very simple dressing, without much color or pattern, but I am enjoying that simplicity a lot. Once things settle down and my photographer is available again, I’ll post clearer, more detailed outfit photos.

I haven’t bought a single clothing item so far, and I’m resisting temptation by deleting store emails before I open them.  I have been tempted by Mother’s Day and World Fair Trade Day sales, but I’m sticking to the challenge and trying to do more with less.  I did make a small donation to a kickstarter campaign that impressed me, and I encourage you to check out Carte Blanche’s lovely dresses, made in New York City.  I love the idea of this company, and the Easy T-Shirt Dress is my favorite.

Be sure to check out Eden’s challenge updates at her blog, and let us know if you’re participating, too!

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