Full of Greys: 2

Walking with Cake: Self portrait with camera

(Trying to capture my grey hair.)

My sweatshirt post yesterday made me realize that it’s been a while since my last hair update.  Really and truly, there’s not that much to say.  The process is slow going, but it’s also much less painful than I originally anticipated.  I’ve been dyeing my hair darker to cover the greys for several years, and I guess I forgot that my natural hair was quite a bit lighter.  Most of my greying hair is at the front of my head, which you see above, and it’s still fairly subtle in my book, though probably more noticeable in natural light (like yesterday’s picture).

I’ve come to realize that so much about the hair dyeing process is tricking the light to reflect color, and a month ago, I had a clear glaze applied.  It was incredibly shiny and also smoothed my hair quite a bit, and the result was really nice.  It does fade over time, just as color does, and I’ll go back to the salon in a few weeks for a trim and a keratin conditioning treatment.  That’s become especially important as I’m growing out the old, dyed hair, and I’m still dealing with quite a bit of dryness.

But overall, that’s it. Just like with growing out the length, it’s a waiting game, and I’m still enjoying it.

I also updated my About photo, since the previous one showed me with freshly dyed and highlighted hair.  It seems so harsh now, and this is a better reflection of me today, awkward camera angle and all.

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