Full of Greys

Walking with Cake: grey collage

(Almost an inch of natural hair growing in. It’s not so bad.)

I can’t believe I’m posting a selfie collage, but I wanted to do a quick hair update as I’m growing out my grey hair.  It’s been about two months since I last dyed my hair with dark brown color, and one month since I had my regular highlights applied. I’ve got about an inch of root growth now, and you can definitely see it.  The grey is more evident in certain lighting, and to me, it’s still pretty subtle.

My original plan was to use highlights to mask the infamous “skunk line” as the new hair grows, but I’m rethinking that idea now.  It seems really counterproductive to apply more color that I don’t want, only to watch it fade and grow out so quickly. I need to have a little talk with my stylist, but I really want to avoid more color as long as possible, grow out my hair naturally, and use deep conditioners and a clear glaze to add shine and moisture.  One thing I’ve definitely noticed in this process, so far, is the dryness. I’m sure it’s partially due to the cold weather, but I’m not adding the layers of color now, which do contain moisturizing ingredients at my salon.

I’ve had great luck with coconut oil, and I can apply some as a deep conditioner in the shower, or use a little on wet hair as a smoothing and styling tool. I have to be careful, since I have oily skin, to avoid using too much oil, because it causes my roots to look oily as the day goes on.  This is definitely a learning process, and I’ve already had to make some changes to my old hair routine.

The pictures above show my hair this week, and I normally wear it down, as shown on the left.  It’s long enough now to pin back into what I lovingly call “The Pam Beasley,” and that was my signature hairstyle throughout the late 90s and early 2000s.  In fact, I dressed just like her in my early teaching days, with knee-length skirts, button-up blouses, and sensible flats.  It’s funny to me now, but my style has changed a lot since then, just like Pam’s did.

I’m so comfortable in my own skin these days, and I’m excited about this new hair adventure. Just last night, my mom asked me to “caramelize” my hair again, her phrase for my dark hair and caramel highlights. I told her I can’t, that my hair just grows it out a month later, and she asked if I’m just going to “let it go.”  Yes, I guess I am. And it feels really good.

I’m not letting myself go, by any means, but I do find this process freeing, in so many ways. I’ve spent countless hours looking at pictures of grey haired women, and I’m excited to become one, too.  In reality, I’m not letting my hair turn grey at all.  It’s already there, and now it can shine through.

I’ll be sure to update from time to time on any changes I make, so stay tuned!

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