Jacto, Jewelry from the Sea

Jacto, a jewelry line based in Brooklyn, is the gorgeous result of a partnership between the owner of a sustainable seafood company and a former shoe designer. Combining modern aesthetics with a desire to repurpose the waste found at commercial fishing docks and seafood sellers, Jacto’s jewelry is thoughtfully made and truly unique. Each piece utilizes fish skin or bone and is an original work of art.

The founders of Jacto, Poull Brien and Melanie Maggio, graciously loaned me a beautiful piece to view in person for a few days. I was sent the TGO Chain and Claw Bracelet, created from found crab dipped in brass. It’s a stunning piece that can be wrapped around your wrist or worn as a necklace that hits just above your collarbone, making it a truly versatile part of any outfit. I was really drawn to the edginess of the design, which is perfect for pairing with more feminine clothing. The bracelet is heavy and substantial, and feels like a true statement piece.

Each Jacto piece is crafted by hand by Melanie, using conflict-free metal, and typically takes two weeks to complete. This attention to detail results in one-of-a-kind jewelry that reflects its creator’s dedication to sustainability and love for the beauty of the sea. In a similar way, Jacto’s designs, which begin with fish that will feed people, come full circle by utilizing the remaining parts to create beautiful jewelry that will last a lifetime. Nothing is wasted and the entire fish is used, which is a common tenet of the nose-to-tail food movement, and an excellent way to honor the lives of these animals.

I really enjoyed my preview of Jacto’s beautiful line, which is filled with many stunning pieces. If you’re interested in purchasing a Jacto piece, use the code I868YWVNTYIL┬áto receive 15% off through November 30th.

Many thanks to Jacto for their help with this post!

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