September Self Love with ThirdLove

September is National Self Improvement month and ThirdLove, the San Francisco-based lingerie brand that offers a cool “Try Before You Buy” app, is putting a different spin on things by encouraging women to love and accept ourselves as we are. It’s a novel idea in our fast-paced world, and I especially like the concept of slowing down and taking time to be grateful for what makes each of us interesting and unique.

I’ve always shied away from the notion of self improvement, and at 38, I feel fairly confident in my own skin. But the fact that an entire month is dedicated to the improvement of one’s self just goes to show that we need a reminder, every now and again, that things are okay right now, just as they are. And I’m all for that.

In addition, ThirdLove is partnering with gymnast Shannon Miller, an Olympian and ovarian cancer survivor, to raise money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance. Through September 18th, 25% of the proceeds from these select items will be donated to the research fund. It’s a great way to support an important cause while remembering to take some time out for yourself in September.

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