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Walking with Cake: Spring Products

(New products for spring.)

As I run out of regular beauty products these days, I’ve been working to replace them with more natural alternatives. I’ve recently tried a few new products for spring and I’m really pleased with all of them.

My skincare routine is simple and straightforward, and in the morning, I apply my trusty Mullein & Sparrow serum before adding moisturizer for the day. After reading so many glowing reviews about Josh Rosebrook’s products, I decided to sample his Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30, which contains zinc oxide for sunscreen. ¬†After a reaction to a product with titanium oxide last spring, I discovered that zinc truly calms my skin. This day cream is moisturizing and slightly sticky at first, so it works well as a primer under foundation. Josh Rosebrook also makes a tinted version, which I tried and liked, though the plain version is my current favorite. Because Josh Rosebrook’s products are made from natural ingredients, the pricing is fairly high. The company offers generous sample sizes for both their hair and skin products for six dollars, which is a great way to try them before committing to the full-size bottles. I have sampled several of the hair products, too, and really like them.

Since last fall, I’ve been using Honest Beauty’s Tinted Moisturizer as my daily foundation. It also contains zinc oxide and offers the light coverage that I prefer. But sometimes I like a more refined look, and I’ve been curious about Gressa Skin’s Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation since first watching makeupTIA rave about it in her videos. After months of research, I finally ordered a bottle of the foundation in shade 02 and have been using it daily for the last few weeks. Overall, I’m very pleased, though it’s different from any foundation I’ve ever used before. As a serum foundation, it’s completely liquid and only requires a few drops to cover your entire face. Because I prefer a more natural look, I’m still using the Honest tinted moisturizer and applying Gressa’s foundation where I like more coverage. I’m learning to use a foundation brush, also from Gressa, to blend it into my skin after lightly using a beauty blender. The finished look is subtle and natural, and since Gressa’s ingredients are organic, this foundation feels like the last step in my skincare routine. If you’re curious about Gressa’s foundation, definitely watch a few application videos first to learn how to apply it.

My last skincare product is a tool I’ve been reading about for months, with lots of skepticism. But this crazy spring weather has left me dealing with regular sinus headaches, so I decided to purchase a jade roller to help relieve the tension in my head and neck. Jade rollers have become popular among beauty bloggers as a way to apply serum while gently massaging your face. They are touted as possessing healing elements while also aiding in wrinkle reduction. I doubt the truth of those claims, but I do find the jade roller to be a great facial massage tool. And because it stays cool while touching your skin, it’s a simple way to relax after washing your face at the end of a stressful day. Since first trying my jade roller, I’ve purchased several as gifts for my mom, mother-in-law, and sisters, and everyone has enjoyed using theirs, too. It’s one of those little luxuries that you might not think much about, until you try it.

I’m really happy with my current skincare routine, and these three additions have quickly found their places among my favorites. Are you trying any new products for spring?

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