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Fall in central Texas is short and sweet, but we savor it while it lasts. The slightly cooler days and lack of humidity definitely affect my skin, and I like to add more moisture to my skincare routine as the days move closer to winter. I’ve heard and read about the benefits of hyaluronic acid for the past few years, and I recently added Now Foods’ Hyaluronic Acid Firming Serum to my nightly regimen. It’s an affordable way to add an extra layer of moisture before bed, and I apply just one pump before using my nightly moisturizer. The benefits touted include minimizing fine lines, which I haven’t really noticed, but I definitely enjoy the hydration and my skin looks happy and rested in the morning.

I’ve read about Glossier’s products for a while now and have been curious to try them, so after a little research, I purchased a bottle of Perfecting Skin Tint and Boy Brow, two of the brand’s standout products. While I’m still loving Gressa Skin’s Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation and am almost finished with my first bottle, it is known to cling to dry patches, which I definitely notice more in the cooler months. Many reviews for Glossier’s Skin Tint recommend mixing it with another foundation to add moisture, and that’s exactly how I use it, too. The Skin Tint is light and buildable on its own, leaving a hint of color and smoothness without the mask-like effect of thicker foundations. I enjoy using it alone, but it becomes a Holy Grail product for me when mixed with my daily foundation. I hesitated for months before purchasing Glossier’s Skin Tint, but I’m thrilled that I finally decided to try it.

Boy Brow by Glossier is an excellent brow gel that quickly dries to a very natural finish. The online reviews for this product are amazing, and I definitely recommend it, too. The most common complaint I’ve read and experienced is the excessive amount of gel that comes out with the brush. I’ve found it easiest to wipe the excess product on the tube, but that’s sometimes difficult and I often end up wiping it onto a tissue or towel. Still, it’s the best brow product I’ve ever used, hands down, and leaves a very natural touch of color.

I’m keeping my beauty routine very simple these days and I really love the look of healthy, dewy skin. These products make it easy to get ready quickly in the mornings and I’m glad I finally decided to try them. Are you switching up your beauty routine for fall?

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