Deconstructed: Vogue, September 2015

Walking with Cake: Vogue Sept. 2015

(The September issue of Vogue.)

The September issue of Vogue is always worth buying, I think. It’s fun to see all of the new styles for fall, and the ad pages are just as gorgeous, too.  There’s a lot of page flipping, and it’s easy to miss some of the smaller articles and pieces, so I’m highlighting a few that caught my eye in this issue.

I was pleased to see an ad for Shinola, the Detroit-based company that is helping to bring manufacturing and craftsmanship back to the United States.

There’s also a short column about London-based designer Erdem Moralioglu, who is working with Olivia Firth to launch his first Green Carpet Collection during London’s Fashion Week. Sienna Miller is shown wearing one of his dresses and it’s really beautiful.

Writer Val Brelinski shares a personal story recounting how a photograph of a semi-nude model in a back issue of Vogue helped to free her from her oppressive upbringing. It’s a really interesting read.

And, while I’m not surprised, I’m still frustrated to see the annual NFL fashion spread in this issue. Think how powerful the message would be if Vogue could say no to an organization that breeds violence and corruption.

Do you read the September issue? What are your favorite parts?

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