Style USA: Make Wilde

Make Wilde is a gorgeous line of sculptural accessories created by a talented pair of artists, Chloe and Andrew, in their Manhattan studio. Crafted from sustainable and recycled materials, Make Wilde’s pieces are truly unique and each item is carefully handmade to be its own piece of art. I find Make Wilde’s line beautiful and inspiring, and Chloe graciously shared a bit with me about her own source of inspiration.

The idea of jewelry as sculpture is fascinating and the pieces are “crafted to exhibit the beauty of humanity, the strength of love, and the exquisite imperfections of nature.” I especially love the use of silk fabric mixed with metals, and Chloe explained this process, which addresses the theme of emergence. Originally, the artists focused on the emergence of Earth’s formations, like rocks, minerals, and gems. But as they studied the concept more carefully, they noticed it’s really a natural phenomenon, as most things emerge from something completely different.

For Make Wilde, their gold pieces are the beginning, and the silk fabric emerges from them in a life-like way that is truly beautiful. In addition, the silk mirrors the fabric of our clothing and becomes an extension of it, something that we adorn ourselves with every day. Chloe wanted to create rings that were more comfortable and adaptable for daily wear, and pairing silk with metal seemed like the logical next step.

I find the entire concept fascinating and I love the beauty of these gorgeous pieces. Make Wilde is currently offering free summer shipping with each order and new pieces will debut this week. Be sure to visit Make Wilde’s site to see the entire line of sculptural pieces.

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