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Walking with Cake: Bathroom Vanity

(A few bottles on my bathroom vanity.)

Our summer has been really busy so far, and this week brought more of the same. I made a bit of headway on my store’s housekeeping stuff, and I’m trying to get everything finished to open very soon. I skipped out on Wednesday’s post due to a headache and crazy weather Tuesday night, and summer seems like the right time to take a break now and then. This weekend, Ryan and I are celebrating our anniversary while the boys are with their grandparents, and it should be a nice little break for everyone. Here are a few things that caught my eye this week.

A fascinating glimpse inside mermaid culture.

Discussing racial violence with young children.

A Milwaukee artist plays a little joke on airplane passengers.

Author Kate Atkinson on her newest book. (I’m looking forward to reading both books mentioned.)

The First Grandmother in London.

Prince George wears his father’s baby outfit. (Such a sweet reminder of Princess Diana.)

8,000 antique fashion prints are available to view at the Rijksmuseum’s website.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Father’s Day!

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