Pins I Like: Rose Gold French Manicure

Walking with Cake: Rose Gold Manicure from Nails Always Polished

(A pretty manicure from Nails Always Polished, via Lisa Butler on Pinterest.)

I use Pinterest mostly for inspiring images and ideas, as opposed to searching for things like recipes and DIY tutorials. When I’m tired or stressed, I enjoy looking at pretty pictures or photography, so that’s what fills my feed. But as I’m perusing, I’ll often Like┬ápins I see that I don’t add to my own collection.

I scrolled through my Likes recently and found a few things I’d forgotten, including the beautiful rose gold manicure above. I had a little time Thursday evening after the boys went to bed, so I dug out some nail polish in similar shades and did my own version. It took a few tries to get it right and my left hand (my dominant one) was much messier than my right, but that’s how nail art goes, I suppose. The whole time I was painting my nails, I kept thinking, “I can’t believe I found this on Pinterest,” because that is something I literally never say. It was fun to be inspired to create something, even if it’s as fleeting as a manicure that lasted about two days. I almost never paint my fingernails, so I guess I was doubly inspired by that pretty image.

I’m trying to remember to check my Likes on a regular basis as I’m browsing online, because who knows what will spark my creativity next! Do you use the Like feature on Pinterest?

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