My Alabama Chanin Collection

I’ve written about my love for Alabama Chanin’s designs here and here, and over the past several months, I’ve collected a few pieces. I find the entire line so beautiful and inspiring, and when the store held sales over the holidays, I took advantage and purchased some practical items.

Walking with Cake: Project Alabama Navy Top

(My navy top from Project Alabama.)

The first piece I found was actually from eBay and was part of Project Alabama, a now-defunct line that came before Alabama Chanin as the company currently exists. This top was pre-owned and in excellent condition, though it was not made in the United States. The stitching and details found in the new line are evident here, and I took a few pictures of the front and back.

Walking with Cake: Project Alabama Top front and back

(Front and back details.)

The blouse is navy, with a corset-style cut, and the front is embellished with beads and metallic pieces, as well as the signature stitching style. The back is equally as interesting, and the zipper runs the entire length of the piece, so you can put it on like a vest and then zip it up. I love the contrasting colors of the stitching thread and the shirt’s fabric, and you can see where the tag is attached on the right shoulder. Even though this top is from an earlier collection, it fits well with Alabama Chanin’s current look.

Walking with Cake: Alabama Chanin corset and cardigan

(Alabama Chanin corset and cardigan.)

From the current store, I bought a corset top (at a deep discount) and a long sleeve cardigan from the A. Chanin line. The corset top will be perfect for warmer weather, or layered with a sweater now, and I’ve already worn the cardigan many times. It has a shorter fit and works perfectly with longer, tunic-style tops.

Walking with Cake: Alabama Chanin tee and detail

(The not-so-basic tee. I love the detail on the sleeves.)

This tee is probably my favorite piece, and I absolutely love the stitching and detail on the sleeves. At first glance, it’s just a basic tee, but upon closer inspection, you can truly see the work that went into the construction of this top. I didn’t see it listed on Alabama Chanin’s site, so I’m assuming it’s sold out for now.

I’m really excited by my new pieces and I feel inspired by them, too. The Alabama Chanin pop-up store is in Austin at Billy Reid through the end of March, and I’m still planning to visit sometime soon.

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