All Across Africa

I’m always excited to find more fair trade stores, and I recently learned about All Across Africa, a Benefit Corporation that works with artisans in several African countries. All Across Africa specifically focuses on rural, under-developed parts of Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, and Rwanda to provide job training and an opportunity for workers to earn a fair wage as trained artisans.  The company is certified fair trade and employs a team of international employees to oversee the entire process.

The pieces sold by All Across Africa are both lovely and useful, and I find the meaning behind the woven baskets especially interesting. Each pattern is significant and conveys the importance of friends, family, and love, according to the customs of Rwanda and Uganda. These items are utilitarian, but they are also the product of countless hours of artistic design and handiwork.

All Across Africa also carries a large assortment of beautiful jewelry and bags, including the earrings and makeup bag shown here.  If you’re looking for fair trade gift ideas this Christmas, definitely visit All Across Africa and you’ll find something you love.


(Photos courtesy All Across Africa.)

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