This and That

Walking with Cake: Birthday Flowers

(Flowers from my birthday.)

This week was pretty routine and I can’t believe that August is here!  We’ve had such mild temperatures this summer and spent a lot of time outside, too. It’s been a long time since we could spend an August evening outdoors, so the change is very welcome.  Here are a few things that caught my attention this week.

Shackling pregnant prison inmates in labor continues, despite a ban on the practice.

Along the same lines, immigrant mothers are forced to wear ankle monitors.

“It’s just a glorified prison.”  A new immigration detention facility opens today south of San Antonio in a remote farming area.  It’s being touted as “family friendly,” but was built by a private prison company.  “If it walks like a duck…”

The search for an anonymous war artist.

Children’s nightmares interpreted by a photographer.

Capitol Hill interns could use a course in American history.

And an interesting theory on Kate’s casual uniform.

I’m taking next week off to spend time with my family, but I’ll be back in a week with stories about my adventures.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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