“Batter My Heart”

The cold weather is really getting to me lately, but I got a small treat in the mail yesterday that cheered me up!  I ordered this Hammered Rose Gold Necklace from Project Dahlia, and since it came from Toronto, it took a while to arrive.  But it’s here now and I’m in love, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

I haven’t worn delicate necklaces since the boys were born, mostly because babies, by their very nature, are curious and like to grab things.  But my little guys aren’t attached to my hip any longer, so I can wear pieces like this again.  I chose the hammered style, since it’s a bit rough and imperfect, like a real heart might be.

I’m still on a rose gold kick, and this pretty piece will work nicely with so many of my daily outfits through the spring and summer.  It’s already brightening up my winter, too.

(And just for fun, here’s “Batter my heart, three person’d God,” by one of my favorite poets, John Donne.)

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