Odds and Ends

This time of year always finds me a little uninspired.  I think it’s that normal post-holiday slump, plus the weather has been especially awful these past few weeks.  I’m a Texas girl, so sunshine keeps me going, and without it, I can feel a bit down.  When I taught middle school, our principal would remind us that February was the lowest point in teacher morale, but that things got better from there. I think I just need to get over this winter hump and I’ll be feeling better soon.  Here’s to warm spring sunshine and fields of wildflowers!

This weekend, I didn’t do much blog work at all.  No photo shoots or research. I think the break is good, and I’m trying to find new sources of inspiration, too.  I guess this is a blogger version of my weekly links, but these are things I’m looking forward to soon.

Raven and Lily’s new spring collection is out today, and I’ve seen a few snippets of it on Twitter.  Here is the lookbook, which is lovely.

Passion Lilie’s new collection debuts March 1st, and their lookbook is also quite beautiful.  Nothing like fair trade dresses to make me think of spring!

I really love this unique necklace from Oh My Clumsy Heart, and I’m hoping it’s back in stock very soon.

I’m almost halfway through Mockingjay, the third book in The Hunger Games series, and this fashion site is so much fun. It’s also incredibly well-done!

We signed up for our first delivery from Greenling, a local food service, and I’m excited to try the produce when it arrives on Wednesday. I hope to post about it soon.

I’ve got the entire fourth season of Downton Abbey on Amazon, so I’m actually ahead of the game when it comes to the Crawleys.  I really wish Sherlock was longer (it’s so good!), but I’m hoping to catch Benedict Cumberbatch in August: Osage County soon. He even speaks in a southern accent.

The Winter Olympics start Thursday and I feel so conflicted. These are my favorite games, but I almost never watch live TV these days, due to my little guys and blogging, so I don’t know how much I’ll catch. Plus, the politics are especially awful this year, too.  I might have to make due with recaps.  Will you be watching?

The Oscars are March 2nd, and I’ve actually seen some of the nominated movies this year!  Plus, there’s still time to see more.

I think that’s enough on my plate to keep me going until spring, and I’ll be sure to update when I find new inspiration.  How are you getting through the winter?

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