The Occasional Chair

Walking with Cake: The Tufted Chair

(My new occasional chair, a Craigslist find.)

So this is my new chair from Craigslist!  I never really understood the term “occasional” when applied to furniture, but now I get it.

We have an enormous chair and ottoman that go with our couch and loveseat, but they take up all of the boys’ floorspace in the living room, so they are located elsewhere in the house these days.  It makes the main room feel nice and open, but when people come to visit, there isn’t enough seating.  I’ve been thinking of adding something light and easy to move, and that’s where the new (to me) occasional chair comes in.  We use it occasionally, and when we don’t need it, the chair gets moved out of the way, where it adds a nice detail next to the television.

The funny thing about this chair is that, when I saw it on Craigslist, I totally thought it was pink.  It looks pink, right?

Walking with Cake: pink Craigslist chair

(The Craigslist picture, scaled.)

I spotted this chair last week and fell in love.  It was for sale in San Antonio, but that’s not really a big deal, since I’m familiar with the area and we can always make a day trip to visit my parents, too.  After several email conversations with the seller and a possible buyer who backed out, I was promised the chair, and we picked it up on Sunday.

But when I saw the chair, it wasn’t pink.

I realize now, looking at the picture, that the true color is visible on the top part of the chair, and the pink shade must come from something (a red curtain, stained glass window, television screen?) reflecting onto the fabric.  But it sure is pretty, and I love that color, or, at least, the illusion of it.  That’s okay, though, because the ivory-beige tone works well with our living room and is really neutral, so no harm done.

Walking with Cake: Chair Detail

(A detail of the chair.)

I’m a big fan of tufting and velvet, and the chair is also in excellent shape and easy to lift.  I could potentially recover it in a more modern fabric, but we all know that won’t happen.  It was a Craigslist score, and I’m happy to use the chair as-is until we replace our furniture.  One day, a hundred years from now.

Walking with Cake: Chair Resting Place

(When not in use, the chair tucks easily away and toys can be stored underneath it.)

Ryan says the first buyer backed out when the chair wasn’t the right color and I should keep looking for the pink tufted chair of my dreams.  But I’m happy with this chair and it makes for a great story, too.

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