The River House

Walking with Cake: San Marcos River

(The San Marcos River. Can you spot the kayakers?)

My sister’s in-laws own a beautiful piece of land along the San Marcos River.  Over the past few years, they worked to create a gorgeous retreat there, and last weekend, we were fortunate to visit for the first time.  I’ll admit that I was nervous to visit, only because I am not what you’d call “outdoorsy,” unlike the rest of my family.  While everyone else is thrilled to spend the day kayaking and exploring the river, I’m most comfortable indoors.

Walking with Cake: Boys on the Beach

(The boys on the river’s beach. They could do this all day long.)

Little did I know, I was in for a treat as soon as we approached the house.  My sister’s mother-in-law is an expert thrifter and garage sale shopper, and her weekend home is filled with well-loved pieces that reflect both her talent for decorating and the beauty of the area.  I ventured down to the river exactly once, and then spent the rest of the day admiring the lovely house.  It was just my cup of tea, and I selected a few pictures (from the hundreds we took) to share with you, with the permission of my sister’s family.

Walking with Cake: Front Door

(The front door at the river house.)

Walking with Cake: Living Room

(The living room is cottage chic.)

Walking with Cake: Media Center

(My sister’s father-in-law built this gorgeous, floor-to-ceiling media stand.)

Walking with Cake: Wall Decor

(Vintage wall decor.)

Walking with Cake: Vintage Cabinet

(A chippy cabinet makes a perfect TV stand in the master bedroom.)

Walking with Cake: Pretty Pillows

(Pretty pillows in the guest room.)

Walking with Cake: The Kitchen Sink

(A view of the kitchen, with lovely cottage touches. Notice that the curtains match the couch pillows!)

Walking with Cake: Entry vignette

(Baskets and wood add interest near the front door.)

This is truly country living at its finest, and I was thrilled to spend the day there!  The family is hoping to create a website soon in preparation to rent the home for weekends and vacations, and I want to add my name to that list.  I’ll be sure to share the site with you when it is available.

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