Summer Cover-Up

Walking with Cake: Slipcovered couches

(Twill slipcovers for summer.)

I did it again.  I think I have a problem when it comes to slipcovers, and at this point, it’s bordering on obsession.  But until we decide to invest in new furniture, the kind that will look nice and also withstand the antics of two little boys, I’ve found an inexpensive way to keep my living room looking interesting.

When I first began my slipcover search back in 2011, Sure Fit’s Twill Supreme Covers in Flax were my first choice, though they were out of my price range then.  I eventually went with a fitted, three-piece style that worked well, but I wasn’t a fan of the fabric, and last fall, I took them off and embraced the dark green couches underneath.  I still really like the mix of patterns, but my couches, which are in good condition otherwise, are really starting to pill, and the fabric is more suited to fall and winter, I think.

So, when I recently found my favorite slipcovers on sale at Macy’s (still on sale but without the extra discount I received), I jumped at the chance to buy them, planning to return them to the store if they didn’t work.  My inspiration this time around came from a rather unlikely source, Jessica Simpson’s home, decorated by Rachel Ashwell, the Shabby Chic designer, as featured on Cote de Texas.  It must be a Texas thing, because I seriously love this style, which is really over the top for a lot of people.  These twill slipcovers are, in my mind, a nice compromise, and since they’re treated with Scotchguard, I don’t have to worry about spills and stains.

Walking with Cake: Pink details

(Pink touches for summer, flamingos and all.)

That’s a great thing, because they are really, really difficult to put on.  I spent a few sweaty, desperate hours last week pulling and stretching, while Ryan and the boys played outside.  And since the covers are designed in two pieces, the cushions have to be carefully placed and covered, too.  Since my couches have loose-back cushions, the covers don’t stretch all the way to the ground in the back, though you really can’t tell with my furniture configuration.  But the color and texture make up for it, and they definitely look shabby chic, wrinkles and all.

Am I 100% satisfied with they way they look?  No, but they’re a nice, affordable option to replacing my furniture or even having it professionally covered.  Plus, because I like to change things up on a whim, I can remove them pretty quickly, too.  For now, I’m planning to leave them on, and I especially like the texture of the covers next to my curtains, and with a few summer pillows thrown around for fun.

Walking with Cake: Purple details

(A few purple touches, too.)

If you’re interested in slipcovers or have any questions, feel free to ask, because I’m your girl.  I’d volunteer to install them, too, but I think I’ll just stick with walking pilates for now.

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