After I wrote about my search for ethically made clothing recently,  I was contacted by Antoine Didienne, the president of a new online, fair trade store called VavaVida.  Now, my blog is small and I’m not often sought out by companies, so I was excited to learn more about their mission, which Antoine assured me would be a great fit!  It turns out that VavaVida is a store after my own heart, and their purpose is to help others around the world through the sale of fair trade and organic accessories, including jewelry, yoga gear, and specialty foods.

VavaVida donates 10% of each item to the country of its origin, and works with PCI, a non-profit organization with a three-fold purpose to “prevent disease, improve community health, and promote sustainable development worldwide.”  Together VavaVida and PCI focus on the WE (Women Empowered) Program in an effort to promote social and economic independence for women across the world.  This effort clearly aligns with VavaVida’s belief that small, everyday choices can help change the world for the better.  When we choose to buy fair trade products, we help provide a reliable income for our neighbors in other countries, and little decisions like that can add up to big changes.

To commemorate The Day of the African Child, held each year on June 16th, VavaVida is donating 25% of the sale of each Healing Hearts Fair Trade Bracelet all month long to provide medical care to children in Kenya, where the bracelet is made.  Antoine graciously sent me a bracelet to review, and I am honored to wear it.  The Healing Hearts Bracelet features four separate strands of handmade beads, joined together by a lovely heart clasp.

Walking with Cake: Healing Hearts Bracelet Clasp by VavaVida

(The gorgeous clasp of the Healing Hearts Bracelet by VavaVida.)

I’m a big fan of layering bracelets, but sometimes the heaviness and clinking drives me crazy.  The beads on this bracelet are made from wrapped paper, so they are extremely lightweight, and since the bracelet is strung with stretchy thread, it’s easy to accessorize in a second.  The beautiful clasp adds another element of interest and makes the jewelry so lovely.  I’ve already worn this bracelet out and about, and it is definitely an eye-catching piece that can spark conversations about fair trade.

I am thrilled to support VavaVida’s mission in partnership with PCI, and I encourage you to visit their online store to learn more about their other products. too.  Simple buying decisions can have a bigger impact on this world, and what a wonderful way to help make a difference.

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