Our Easter

We had a busy Easter weekend, and visited family both days.  The boys had a wonderful time and participated in no less than three egg hunts.  Ryan and I have become those parents and took way too many pictures of the entire celebration.  Seriously, I am a big believer in “Less is More” (unless we’re talking about perfume),  and I had to sort through almost 400 photos to find five for this post.  That’s a tough job.  Still, it’s a nice way to remember these days of simple pleasures, especially as the boys grow older.  One day, they’ll be too busy for Easter eggs, and I’ll have these pictures to remind me of when they were so young.

So, here are the five pictures I chose to highlight our weekend.

Walking with Cake: Peeking at goats

(Peeking over the fence at the neighbor’s goats at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.)

Walking with Cake: Baby goat

(The cutest neighbor ever!)

Walking with Cake: Working in the garden

(Helping Grandpa plant flowers in his garden. The sweetest of memories were made that day, and we have the pictures to prove it.)

Walking with Cake: Busy cousins

(Cousins and trucks! It doesn’t get any better than this.)

Walking with Cake: Hunting for eggs

(The final hunt of the weekend. My boys take it very seriously!)

As you can imagine, James and Rhys were exhausted by Sunday night, but they (and we) had a fabulous weekend.  I hope you did, too!

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