Olmox Fine Filigree Jewelry

(This is a love story that was meant to be, despite the obstacles that stood in the way.)

Two weekends ago, my family and I attended a local art fair at a nearby shopping center.  The boys were a bit restless and in a hurry, so we quickly walked by each booth, not finding much that caught our attention.  Near the end of the displays, I noticed a stand with a lovely, silver owl, so James and I walked over for a closer look, since owls are one of his very favorite things.

That’s when we met Liliana Olmos, the jewelry designer behind Olmox Fine Filigree Jewelry.  She showed us her delicate pieces and explained a bit about the intensive process used to create them.  Each piece is painstakingly crafted using a very old technique called filigree, in which tiny threads of silver wire are woven or wrapped to create an intricate pattern.  I was absolutely enthralled by Liliana’s entire collection, and I especially loved the Daisy ring she had on display.  Since we had just purchased new shoes for both boys, I decided not to buy anything, but I couldn’t get her jewelry out of my head!

Walking with Cake: Daisy Ring by Olmox Fine Filigree Jewelry

(The Daisy Ring by Olmox Fine Filigree Jewelry.)

In fact, I thought about it all day long, and finally asked Ryan if we could return to the fair the next day to see it again.  He agreed, and though a cold front blew through in the middle of the night, bringing with it gale force winds and much cooler temperatures, we bundled up the boys and visited the art fair again the next morning, just after it opened.

But I couldn’t find Liliana or her booth anywhere, and I was brokenhearted.  I spoke with a representative at the artists’ station, and she told me that the windstorm had knocked down many of the display tents in the middle of the night, so some of the artists had to pack up and leave, taking their broken products with them.  I felt so sad for Liliana and her beautiful work, and when we got home, I emailed her, checking to see if she was okay and asking her to contact me so I could purchase the ring.

Less than an hour later, Liliana called to inform me that she was again set up at the fair, but without her tent this time.  And thankfully, all of her jewelry survived the storm, though she did have to venture out into the cold at 4 A.M. to clean up the mess.  I was thrilled, and headed over once more after lunch, while Ryan stayed with the boys.

Finally, I was able to purchase the ring that captured my heart, as well as a lovely pair of silver stud earrings.

Walking with Cake: Magangue earrings by Olmox Fine Filigree Jewelry

(The Magangue Stud Earrings by Olmox Fine Filigree Jewelry.)

Liliana was so helpful and gracious, and her jewelry is incredibly detailed and elegant.  I’m especially drawn to its timeless quality with elements of modern design.  She travels to the many fairs throughout Texas and even beyond, and you can find her schedule of events here.   Her jewelry is also available for purchase through her online store.

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