Glamming It Up!

I have a hard time accepting change, even when it comes to little things, but I’m challenging myself to take more risks these days.  If I can change my lipstick, my nail polish, and my hair, then it shouldn’t be so hard to change my blog header, right?  It’s been on my mind since I moved to this location, and thanks to the wonderful assistance of Shayla from Northern Exposure, I have a gorgeous new header that is so much fun.  And pink!

Shayla recently updated her blog, and when I commented on it, I half-joked that I’d love for her to design a new blog badge for me, since the one I shared with her wasn’t anything special.  She emailed me back offering to help yesterday, and sent me several different header designs today.  I asked her to play around with this new picture, since I’ve been considering changing it, and now seems as good a time as any to mix things up.

I love my original header, the picture Ryan took of James holding my hand while we looked out over the lake, with Rhys still growing inside me.  But my boys are older now, and while that was a wonderful moment that I’ll always treasure, I think it’s okay to move on to something that’s a bit more me right now.  Plus, my new header is a picture of a wildflower field from Wildseed Farms, where we love to take the boys, and that is a wonderful memory, too.

I hope you enjoy my new header and badge, which is over on the right.  I love supporting my fellow bloggers, so let me know if you’d like to swap badges.

I love that my name is now in lights!

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