Wildseed Farms

Over Labor Day weekend, we took a day trip to Wildseed Farms, the largest working wildflower farm in the United States.  Located in Fredericksburg, in the heart of Texas’ wine country, the farm features enormous fields, lush landscapes with fountains, lily ponds, shaded passages, and a butterfly garden.  It also has a large plant nursery with native Texas plants, a gorgeous general store, and a biergarten that sells homemade jellies and desserts.

Best of all, it’s free to explore and photography is encouraged, so we spent several hours chasing after the boys and shooting hundreds of pictures.  Thanks to our rainy summer, many of the plants were still in bloom, and as long as we stayed in the shade, the heat was tolerable.  April is the peak month for wildflowers on the farm, but we are hoping to head back this fall, too.  It’s about a two hour drive for us, and the experience is definitely worth it.  Here are just a few pictures of our day.

(I love that it’s an adventure, because we always tell the boys we are going on one.)

(A view of the plant nursery.)


(A cute owl lawn decoration.)

(Exploring a bridge over the lily pond.)

(A field of wildflowers.)

(A “secret” passage.)

(A view of the orchard.)

(These gorgeous creatures were scattered throughout the farm.)

(Just a few of the native plants for sale.)

Exploring Wildseed Farms was truly a fun adventure, and I can’t wait to go back in a couple of months when the weather is cooler.

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