The Women’s March

I remember watching President Obama’s first inauguration on a cold day in January 2009, curled up on the couch with my newborn son. History was being made, and I felt so excited for all the promises of the years ahead. This time, the feeling is quite the opposite. But come Saturday, thousands of Americans will take to our streets, their voices loud and demanding to be heard. Many of my fellow ethical writers will be marching, and I’m so incredibly proud of them. I’ll be with my boys attending school events and birthday parties, because that’s where I need to be right now, but my heart will also be with the marchers. Though there’s so much uncertainty within our country, I’m encouraged by the activism I see all around me. Here are some wonderful posts by other bloggers, many of whom will be marching on Saturday.

The official site of the Women’s March on Washington.

How to Prepare for the Women’s March on Washington. Leah is going!

Why and How to Participate in the Women’s March on Washington…Even if You’re Not in D.C. by Holly.

Mixtape: Inaugurate This! from Magdalena.

Summer shares her 2017 Ethical Activist Book Club list.

A truly comprehensive post on the march from Reading My Tea Leaves.

Cup of Jo features beautiful protest posters.

We The People: Public Art for the Inauguration and Beyond. The kickstarter has been funded, but you can still donate and receive prints in the spring. I bought a Bernie Sanders print when his campaign ended, and I am slowly filling my house with protest art. It’s a way to keep the message going long after the crowd has dispersed.

GRL PWR: Women We Love from Garmentory. I’m always thrilled to support activist designers.

Protests are an inaugural tradition. “I spent most of the ride in the presidential limo behind thick glass windows. While I couldn’t make out their words, their middle fingers spoke loudly.” — George W. Bush.

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