PonyBabe: Comfy Cozy Clothing for Every Day

Walking with Cake: 20160916_ponybabe_cardigan_01_001

(PonyBabe features four pieces perfect for layering and everyday wear.)

Rachel Fernbach, a former body-oriented therapist who now runs a yoga and meditation practice, has created a capsule collection of comfortable and fashionable clothing that really fits the way we live these days. PonyBabe, which launches today on Kickstarter, features four beautiful and sustainable pieces called the 24 Hour Outfit (a tank top, wrap, cardigan, and pants) that take the guesswork out of getting dressed each morning. Each item in the collection works with the rest and also fits easily into any basic wardrobe, making them a perfect investment for a variety of lifestyles.

PonyBabe is designed and manufactured in New York City at a fair wage factory in Brooklyn. Using organic cotton and bamboo, the pieces are finished with luxury details to create soft fabrics that transition easily throughout your day. Rachel is focused on sustainability and transparency, and her yoga practice is obviously a guiding force in this project. Her goal is to share an easy, comfortable, ethical way of dressing with women in all stages of life: yogis and meditators, new moms, creative professionals, frequent travelers, and anyone interested in ethical fashion. I live in cardigans in the fall and winter and am excited to add this one to my small collection. I’m also seriously considering the pants as a daily alternative to jeans.

Walking with Cake: 20160916_ponybabe_editorial_03_134

(PonyBabe’s versatile cardigan.)

PonyBabe’s Kickstarter campaign runs through November 18th and backers will receive the clothing pieces at a price below retail value. If you’ve never bought an ethical fashion piece before or are interested in the process, PonyBabe is an excellent investment opportunity. I love the concept of investing in a brand I truly believe in and watching it grow successfully. I’m excited for Rachel and I encourage you to visit her Kickstarter today.

(All photos courtesy of PonyBabe.)

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